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Average time to complete a search


Success rate

Your partner in healthcare


  • Complete briefing with our partner about each particular position.
  • Face to face meeting with the responsible linemanager and HR.
  • Advice around the optimal profile.
  • Map the different experts in that niche with the required experience.
  • Proactively contact with the best candidates within the profile.
  • Telephone screening by the research consultant.
  • In depth face to face interview by the managing consultant.
  • Perfect match analysis.
  • Ensure the added value and motivation for the specific open position.
  • Write a detailed and unique report for each candidate.
  • Organize the contact between our partner and the selected applicant.
  • Facilitate the total process with continuous personal follow-up.
  • Provide honest feedback in two directions.
  • Once the perfect match is found, follow up during the next operational months.
  • Stay in close contact with all parties.


  • Tailor made.
  • Position customized.
  • Case related.
  • Whole day work simulation in the specific position.
  • Competence analysis.
  • Detection of potential.
  • Continuous examination by two assessors.
  • Real life cases.
  • Immediately and transparent feedback.
  • Development plan for the future.
  • Guidance in accepting process.
  • Briefing with the mandatory of the assessment.
  • Written and oral reporting.
  • Supporting both sides in the total process.


  • Intense partnership with our customer with maximal integration.
  • Large experience in complex problem solving.
  • First line contact with the direct managers on every level.
  • Input on strategy (local/ international).
  • Counsel in company structures.
  • Guidance in the functional profiling and segmentation.
  • Advice in management competence.
  • Support during reorganization and change management.
  • Reinforcement and empowerment.

How do we work?

  • Working proactively.
  • Direct hunting.
  • High confidentiality.
  • Specialized in Healthcare
  • In depth face to face interview and strong listener.
  • Understanding the position in detail due to our experience and background.
  • Strong expertise in the International Healthcare Industry environment.
  • Following the last changes/ evolutions in this market.
  • Integrity, loyalty and transparency.
  • Respect for the core values of our partners.
  • Professionalism in every single step.
  • Strong ethical approach and guidelines.
  • Proven track record in efficiency.

The closer we cooperate, the better we know your company, the faster we strengthen our partnership together!