Why contact CV Health?

  • Looking for a professional career coach?
  • Need absolute confidentiality?
  • Require help in planning your next step?
  • Losing your passion?
  • Need a new challenge?
  • Want to be in total balance? ‘YOLO’

We can help you fulfill these ambitions... You matter to us!

You might be closer than you think to this perfect match!

How do we work?

  • We proactively contact you.
  • You, as candidate, are the central key person.
  • We analyze your personality, competences, talents,…
  • We listen to your needs, wishes and dreams.
  • We do not sell opportunities but objectively evaluate them for you.
  • At each moment we see what’s the best for you.
  • We communicate very transparently.
  • We build on long term relationships and always stay in touch.
  • We search for the right time, the right moment, the right place for you.

The perfect match is more than the right job opportunity!
That's not only were we strive for but also what we realize every day!